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Water Damage - Data Restoration

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Our Data Recovery services involve a full disassembly and cleaning of the phone. Depending on the type of damage, our technical team may need to perform micro-surgery on the affected components of the internal circuit board. There is a $79 non-refundable evaluation for an estimate, and most restorations start at $249 but can go up, depending on the extent of damage and the physical condition of the device. The evaluation fee includes the cost of shipping both ways. If you decide to have us do the work, the $79 would be deducted from your total cost once we complete your estimate. If you decide not to do the work, your phone would be returned to you at no additional cost. Only the $79 would be charged. If we are able to recover your data, it can be sent to you on a portable flash drive, or if you prefer to purchase another phone from us, we can restore the recovered information from the damaged phone, onto a similar model or newer model of your choice.

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